Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for visiting us at GAIN. We are a network of Christian leaders and entrepreneurs who hold strongly to the doctrine of Christ and share the same purpose, manner of life and love for the kingdom of God in line with the vision received from God by the founder Dr Tunde Bakare.

Gain is an organization made up of Church Ministers, entrepreneurs, and Corporate professionals who are in covenant relationship, making inputs into one another, working together with a common vision to maximize the end time harvest. We are indeed excited to have you join us in our fold and hope you find immense value through our association. The GAIN team commits to ensuring that you find fulfillment as you grow through this association.

For this very purpose, GAIN Mission is to build apostolic leaders that will bring about societal transformation in all sphere of life (Church, Business and Politics) while establishing the Kingdom of God in our communities.

Our GAIN website outlines our structure, governance and our engagement strategy.  As we move from the NEW into the NOW, beyond being disciples and making disciples of others, we are stepping into the real critical mandate as given by Jesus Christ in the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations. In this third phase of our ministry, we will become a full-fledged Governmental Church functioning as kings on the mountain and the whole world will become our parish. Matthew 10:1-2, 28:16-20. “For you cannot be part of the Now Church, except you know the mountain that He has appointed for you”.

The NOW Epistles are those who have been transformed, sanctified and separated to God. They are believers that manifest the fullness of Christ everywhere they go (Colossians 2:6-7, 9-10). This informs the popular saying that people no longer read the Bible but they read us. They feel, touch and experience us. I want to encourage us to take on this responsibility as believers to make disciple of nations.

This website provides the necessary guidelines as we walk through the NOW church.  Your suggestions and comments on any aspect or dimension will be most appreciated.

We look forward to growing up, growing big, growing very rich and growing together.


Christian Ike


The GMU management team reports to the Director Pastoral Development, GAIN network and Mission. They have overall responsibility for developing, coordinating, and sustaining activities of the GAIN program. Its members include:

  • Christian Ike
  • Michael Adeh
  • Felix Morris Anayo
  • Victor Oduguwa
  • Kike Oluwafemi
  • Tunde Babatunde
  • Joy Ajuzie
  • Dele Obasa
  • Ifeoma Joy
  • Seye Oyetade
  • Adewale Adewumi
  • Olajide Akinpelu

The zonal coordinators report to the GMU Director Pastoral Development, GAIN network and Mission.  They are responsible for coordinating the GAIN activities in the zones.

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