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There is a collision of forces over the landscape of our Nation.

The four winds of Heaven and the four winds of the Earth are on a collision course over our Nation. 

Only the initiated and the discerning can understand the predictable end of this collision. 

The Nation is in dire straits as there is a big implosion in the different political camps. 

Things are falling apart and the centre cannot hold. 

A devastating ambush prophesied in January 2022 about 2023 based on 2 Chronicles 20: 23-27 has taken hold of the political classes, and in their self-serving and blame game they are poised to self-destruct.  

Therefore for the sake of the elect and the vulnerable masses of our people, we must brace up and stand in the gap between the just God and the rebellious political leaders of our Nation. 

Isaiah 59:1-8 spells out the very reason why the prayers of God’s people are no longer answered by Him. 

Like Jonah’s experience, God will not answer the prayer of His people if there is rebellion and widespread injustice in the land.

Only one prayer is required for Project 16, which is – Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.  

Saying this is an invitation to God Almighty to step into the terrain and set the foundation of His throne in the land, Bonn Psalm 89: 11-14. 

In Isaiah 59, between verses 4 and 15, the fact that there is no justice is repeated six times. God is looking for just one man, Isaiah 59:16. 

Prophet Ezekiel gave graphic details of the influence of wicked leaders in Israel, Ezekiel 22:23-29.

Ezekiel like Isaiah pointed out the antidote which is a man; just one man to stand in the gap for the Nation so that He will not pour His indignation upon the nation,  Ezekiel 22:30-31. 

Also what is needed is a call to repentance,  Joel 2:12-19.

This message provoked a plethora of questions after part one of it was preached.

The main concern of the person who sent in his questions was that Effective Communication can be deployed by the ungodly and therefore should not be equated to the Key of David which is supposed to be exclusively possessed by the Lord Jesus for the benefit of the Saints. 

Judging by the argument of this person, it seems to him that the Saint of God has no advantage over the ungodly.

 This conclusion is untrue.  The Saints of God have undeniable advantages over the ungodly.
Some of the advantages  can be gleaned from:

Matthew 19:16-30.

Verse 20. Explains why the young man was rich. 

When you obey God’s law He will respond,  it is not a matter of religion;  God’s law has been established  Deuteronomy 8:22.

Verse 25. What the Disciples seem to be saying in this verse is, who really on this term can be saved?

Verse 28. It can be inferred from this verse that no ungodly man,  no matter how talented, skilful or how effective he is in communication will sit on that throne to judge the tribe of Israel.

In verse 29, Matthew the author of this book being a tax collector gathered all he could including his wife in this passage, but Mark in his own account did not. 

Mark made it clear that while the ungodly will have all those enumerated in the above verse with pleasure, the believers will have them with persecution.

 Mark 10:17-31.
Verse 21; To take up the Cross and follow Him in this verse implies the inherent principle of dying daily to one’s will.

Verse 21. Whereas the rich young ruler was reported to have been sorrowful because he had great possession, in the real sense of it and on the contrary, it was his great possession that had him.

Verse 23. God does not want us to be poor He wants us to be rich. He however does not want your riches to own you. The two texts of the Scriptures compared show that believers have advantages, Romans 8:28, and James 1:2.  

You develop character in the midst of persecution. God is pruning not punishing. At the end of the day, you are going to sit with Him on the Throne.

Whereas the ungodly may possess Effective Communication skills yet only the Saints of God can maximize the benefit of it.

Another Perspective To the Message.
In a further discussion of this message, the familiar was used to illustrate the spiritual for the purpose of clarity.

The Illustration.
The discussants used Google Play Store and Apple Play Store as illustrations: both have Free and Premium Apps.

While the Free App is available at no cost, it has limitations and is designed to give the user just a taste of what it can offer. 

The Premium App on the other hand is at a cost but offers a complete set of access to all features and functionalities. 

Life Application of The Illustration To the Word of God.

Christ paid the price of our Salvation on the Cross of Calvary. Akin to the Free App is the invitation to come and partake in the full blessings of the Gospel with Christ.

Based on this sacrifice the advantages of the Saints are the Premium Apps over the sinners and the ungodly who merely enjoy Free App.  

The Bible sets the template for any truth to be established by at least two people, Deuteronomy 19:15, Matthew 18:15-16, and Timothy 5:19.

Matthew 5:43-45 explains the concept of Free Apps.

In the passage both the good and the just, the wicked and the ungodly are treated equally. 
They both enjoyed sunshine and rain. 

That is a Free App to be enjoyed by both, but the wicked should not think that it is going to be like that forever.  

Premium Apps can only be enjoyed by believers because of the price Jesus paid.

Although sunshine and rain come upon the godly and the ungodly alike, in the midst of judgment whenever it comes upon wicked rulers who Prophet Amos described as cows of Basham in Amos 4:1-12, Free Apps will not access what Premium Apps will access.

God can cause it to rain on a city and withhold rain from another. 

It should not be taken for granted that we all enjoy rain and sunshine, Amos 8: 1-12.  

In the midst of Divine Judgment, it will be sunset for the wicked and sunshine for the just, Ecclesiastes 10:21-23.

God is capable of setting an unusual plague upon the wicked that will lead to a transfer of wealth to God’s people as they drink the Living Water that flows from Jerusalem whilst there will be no rain in the land of disobedient, Zechariah 14:8-19. 

The Free and Premium Apps can be likened to the broad and narrow gates, Matt 7: 13-14.

It is true that both are gates but one leads to a road whose final destination is destruction and the other leads to the destination of life.

This is true in light of the statement of Harry Emerson Fosdick that  “ He who chooses the beginning of the road chooses the place it leads to. It is the means that determines the end” 

One gate is a Free App and is open to everyone. The other gate is Premium App. It comes with discipline and focuses so that you will not miss the road.

The Key of David is Effective Communication and Premium Apps.

There is the tongue of a natural man and a new tongue, one is a Free App, the other is Premium.

There is the tongue of the wise that promotes health, and the tongue of the foolish that speaks rashly like a piercing sword.

The tongue, mouth and lips of the righteous are not the same as those of the sinners,  Proverbs 12:13-14,18-19, Proverbs 12: 22,  13:2, 18:21, Proverbs 9:1-6, 13-18.

Two ways, the way of wisdom or the way of folly. 

The tongue and ears of the learned are gifts of God and these are given to those that are faithful to God, and not rebellious. 

That is the advantage the Saints have over the ungodly, Isaiah 60:4-5.

God’s invitation to abundant life, Isaiah 55:1-11. 


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