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Ecclesiastes 8:4-9, Ecclesiastes 9:11-12.
This is our time, this is our chance and our enemies will testify. 

On Friday, February 17, 2023, after 4 days of intense labour a new Nation was born, and named on Friday 24 February 2023. 

The Nation was named the Federal Republic of New Nigeria. 

The name had already been changed and registered in Heaven before men began to respond to it.

The Naming Ceremony represented a change of guards in the Nation from that moment. 

No one can force or fix the old into the new. God has taken away the old in order to establish the new, Hebrews 8:13, 10:5-9.

The Parable of the 4th Man.
This is a parable, a riddle and an enigma all rolled into one. Riddle and enigma are used to untie knots, Daniel 5:10, and Daniel 3:19-25 provides a clear meaning to this parable. 

In what appeared to be a trance, a very dynamic bubbling young man was seen playing with a kite that was made for him by others. The wind blew and the kite soared into the sky. He held the string firmly but the wind continued to blow and the kite continued to rise until it went beyond the glaze of human eyes.

The young man was happy, beaming with smiles and great laughter. His admirers were extremely happy also until the unexpected happened. Suddenly a cloud gathered from nowhere and torrential rain fell.  The carcass of the kite fell down and a deep sorrow engulfed the dynamic young man and his admirers that were standing in front of a nearby hut. At this moment of their sorrow, an old man who had been watching this dynamic young man from where he stood upon a hill stretched out his very big umbrella with an encouraging smile. He thought he had the solution to the rain that brought the kite of the dynamic young man down. 

However, he too did not notice the boisterous wind gathering under the umbrella. Before long the boisterous wind tore his umbrella into shreds. His confident smile evaporated and turned into tears. He ran to the hilltop and the hut nearby for cover. 

As he ran into the hut he found another old friend of his inside the hut who held a big broom trying to sweep out the water the wind had carried into the hut. The more he swept out the water, the more water was blown into the hut by the boisterous wind until it became a torrent that swept the room, the hut and everything on the floor away.  

After the disaster that followed this rain, the torrent suddenly stopped and a Fourth Man who held a measuring tape in his hand appeared in the scene from nowhere. With the grace of the Master Builder, this Fourth Man laid a strong foundation upon the ground where the hut was previously standing. After a while, a masterpiece of a mansion appeared.

In front of this spectacular mansion is written The Federal Republic of New Nigeria.

The great grace carried by this Fourth Man is the unique grace God endowed Cyrus King of Persia with.

He was suddenly raised by God to build the ancient ruin of Judah. 

He did that without seeking any pay or reward for himself. 

The Prophecy was given before Cyrus was born, Isaiah 44:24-28, Isaiah 45:1-8, Isaiah 45:12-13, and Psalm 107:16.

Message Focus.

The sub-title of the message was: The Full Potential of The New Creation Endowed with a New Tongue Mark 16:17, 2 Corinthians 5:17.

New tongue, New Creation.
It was established last Sunday that the tongue is the most powerful physical part of the body because it has the power of Life and Death, Proverbs 18:21.

If anyone thinks he is religious and does not know how to bridle his tongue, such a person simply deceives his heart because it is the unbridled tongue that will render his religion useless, James 1:26.

Imagine the years of fasting, praying, and seeking the face of the Lord, yet you leave your tongue unbridled and do not know how to turn to God to give you a new tongue; everything you have done becomes an exercise in futility and your religion is useless.

We know that bone is stronger than the tongue, and there is no bone in the tongue yet the authoritative Word of God states that a gentle tongue can break a bone, Proverbs 25:15.  

Patience will yield great fruit.
BY perseverance and patience, a gentle tongue can break a bone.

A gentle answer will melt provocation and a hot head.

You cannot speak without your tongue. 

All your ability to express yourself happens when your tongue is opened.

You cannot make any audible or intelligible sound without your tongue.

The statement that a gentle tongue can break a bone is a metaphor which connotes that soft speech can crush strong opposition, Proverbs 25:15.
Gentle speech breaks down rigid defence, Proverbs 15:1-2.

In the Mighty Name of Jesus as God endows you with a new tongue as a new creation may your mouth not drip nonsense. 


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