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God ensured the preservation of the throne of David for his successor.
We don’t have to be anxious or worried about the ability of God to fulfil what He has promised. 

The spirit of prophecy is the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ, 2 Timothy 1: 8-12. 

God is able to keep what He has given to you as an assignment.

The lips of a Prophet must keep knowledge, Micah 2: 7-9, 1  Corinthians 14: 6-11.

We cannot continue to embrace past philosophical blunders such as the best candidate may not win in an election, and expect our Nation to make any serious and predictable progress.

We must know how to download from Heaven and begin to speak to the soul of the Nation and give direction to our people. 

This is why the God factor cannot be ruled out because He is the one who makes Nations great.

We need prayer for God to intervene in our situation as Daniel did, Daniel 2:17-23.

Someone for whom God Almighty has reserved the throne of David did not struggle for it. 

May every form of struggle for all that is yours be taken out of your life. 
You will not labour in vain and bring forth trouble. 
No one can nullify His plan and purpose. 

May all that is yours never depart from you. May God grant you grace to lay hold on what is yours and to make use of it for the benefit of Humanity.

Message Focus. 
 The emphasis was that the new tongue promised by our Lord Jesus Christ before His resurrection from the dead and ascension was an exclusive preserve of a New Creation. 

Mark 16:17 and 2 Corinthians 5:17 put together make it clear that every new creation in Christ ought to have a new tongue. 

This creative tool:- a new tongue – is a powerful enabler for Premium Effective Communication. 

What happens to a new tongue: it is no longer controlled by you. It is controlled by the Holy Spirit. It is now spiritual, creative and powerful.  What it says comes to pass. It is in tune with the Holy Spirit. The tongue is connected to the frequencies of Heaven.  

In order to maximize our potential as a new creation endowed with a new tongue, so that the key of David can be deployed in our life for an open door which no man can shut, the following must take place:
Grace must be poured upon your lips so that gracious speech and words can become your habit. This will make you earn the friendship of kings and those in authority, Psalm 45:1-2, Proverbs 22:11.

Our speech being that of a new man must be seasoned with a salt such that it is not only gracious, it is also effective, Colossians 4:6. As you speak, hope is giving, but life is also restored and everything that is besetting people around you into decay is arrested, Daniel 2:15.

Instead of filthy jokes or idle chatter that leads to poverty the Believers’ speech should act as a purifying influence rescuing conversation from the filth that engulfs it. Our words should express tolerance, thankfulness and kindness. 

Ten words that describe what it means to speak with grace are:
1. Wholesome
2. Fitting
3. Kind
4. Sensitive
5. Purposeful
6. Complimentary
7. Gentle
8. Truthful
9. Loving
10. Thoughtful

The Biblical nomenclature for these selective words is – fitly spoken, Proverbs 10:32, Proverbs 20:15, Proverbs 25:11, and Ephesians 4:29.
We must open our mouths with wisdom and our tongue must be the law of kindness, Proverbs 31:26.

To develop pleasant words requires a heart that is wise to teach your mouth, that before you speak you listen to your heart to know exactly what to say, how to say it and what not to say, Proverbs 16:21, Proverbs 16:23-24.

How ungodly people use their tongues, Proverbs 16:27-28, Proverbs 21:6.

Materialists will die without taking the material out of there.

No matter how fabulously rich the non-Christian, the unbeliever or ungodly men are or what marketing oratory skill they possess to amass their wealth, it should be clearly understood that a new tongue is the exclusive preserve of new creation.

You can be distinguished from the ungodly to make people know what you stand for, Mark 10: 26:-27. 

With God, it is possible to use your tongue in a creative way, Philippians 2:12-13.  

The moment you realize you have done something offensive to anyone, take immediate action; don’t let it pile up. Apologize, seek forgiveness and reconcile. When you do that you give God the opportunity. 

From this day Lord take over my mouth. Be with my mouth and teach me what to say Exodus 4: 10-12.
Father in the Name of Jesus, thank you for giving me a new tongue with which I can cast out demons, and take up serpents so that the enemy’s words will not prevail over my life in the Mighty Name of Jesus. 1 Samuel 17: 42-51, Mark 16.


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