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The Manifestation of God and of His Sons by Pastor Tunde Bakare

Text: 1 Timothy 3:16.


You must always show the kindness of God to those who are vulnerable, to those who have served God in their prime time.

Do not bye pass their household as if they do not count anymore. It matters where you come from. It matters the household you are raised in. It matters the values you imbibed.

Message Focus

Hitherto we focused on the manifestation of God without realizing that He manifested so that we can manifest.

The reason God manifested in the flesh is that you and I can also manifest like Him.

The Son of God became the Son of man so that the sons of men can become the sons of God.

He manifested so that we can manifest.

It was to Paul the Apostle that God revealed the mystery of Godliness, 1 Timothy 3:16.

Things That Happened When God Manifested.

He manifested in the flesh. The Almighty God who created the Earth chose to become a man, a baby born in the manger; a baby circumcised like any child, who at age 12 went to the Temple, confounded the Doctor’s of Law.

He asked them questions they could not answer. He gave them answers they did not understand.

Mary and Joseph left Him for days without looking for Him. By the time they showed up in the Temple and said son don’t you care about us? Jesus responded and said, ‘Don’t you know I am about my Father’s business?’

Points to ponder

Where did you leave Jesus in your affairs and scheme of life? Go back to where you left Him.

In the present day, Jesus’ response to Mary and Joseph could create a matrimonial crisis that could provoke Joseph to ask Mary about who among the Doctor’s of law was responsible for Jesus’ pregnancy?

Joseph did not do so because Gabriel had shown up that the Baby in Mary’s womb is the Son of God.

At age 30, God stepped into the River Jordan He created to be baptized.

The Heavens opened and the Spirit of God descended upon Him and, God spoke this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.

As He began His ministry the Devil started screaming everywhere.

Peter, preaching in the house of Cornelius, confirmed how Jesus went about doing good and before he finished speaking the Holy Spirit fell on the Gentiles, Acts 10: 34-47.

The same Holy Spirit which the Disciples received in the Upper Room was experienced in the Living Room of the Gentiles.

Great is the mystery of Godliness. Several things happened when God manifested and when the Spirit took on flesh, 1 Timothy 3:16.

One wonders how the Immortal, Invisible, the One who dwells in an unapproachable light manifested in our form taking on the form of a man.

He was justified in the Spirit. If He was not justified they would continue to ask Him by what authority was He doing all He did?

And because they did not give Him license or ordination to preach they would have kicked and forbade Him to preach. But He had four living witnesses:

-John the Baptist

-The works that He did

-The Father that sent Him.

-The Scriptures.

He was justified in the Spirit at the time, He humbled and submitted Himself to the ministry of the man (John). He was Baptized in his mother’s womb so that he (John) could baptize Him by immersion in water. As soon as He submitted Himself to the ministry before Him, the Heavens opened and God spoke“ this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.”

Miracle does not authenticate ministry, God the Father does.

For this reason Jesus refused to turn stone to bread at Satan’s bidding.

Jesus needed not perform miracles to justify Himself because He had already been justified in the Spirit.

Heavens opened, the Spirit descended upon Him like a dove and the Father spoke. If God is with us, who then can be against us?

Seen by angels. Nobody has seen God at any time. Angel was not able to look at His face until the day He was born and when He became flesh.

Then the angels gathered singing peace in Heaven and goodwill to all men.

He dwells in unapproachable light, 1 Timothy 6:16, Isaiah 6:2.

No one can look at the face of God. That was why when Lazarus died the angels were only able to carry him to the bosom of Abraham, Enoch was taken, Elijah was carried by whirlwind but Jesus was the only one ever to ascend by Himself, John 3:13.

If there is no manifestation of the Angel in your life you may not know whether the Father sent you.

In every inch of Jesus’ life there was the manifestation of the Angel, and the Holy Spirit.

If as a Christian the Angel and the Holy Spirit are not manifesting in your life then your Christianity is superficial.

He was preached among the Gentiles. This was started with Peter in the house of Cornelius. Paul took the baton. He went to all Nations of the Earth. The whole of Asia heard the Gospel through Paul within two years.

Who is hearing the Gospel from you?

Jesus was preached among the Gentiles. He was believed all over the world which was the reason for conversion of many from other faiths to Christianity.

After we have believed in Him, whatever He had gotten from the Father, He in turn passed on to us.

On the Cross He said ‘it is finished” He had finished the work. Meaning He has reproduced Himself in us.

The Church will continue and nothing will stop it. He was received up in Glory when He manifested.

Why Did God Manifest?

When Satan boasted before God in Job 2:2 he thought he had conquered and was in charge of the whole Earth.

But God still had a man called Job. God will always have a witness in every generation.

Can you be that witness? Can God count on you? Has He manifested Himself to you to the extent that if the whole world say No to Him you will stand out to say Yes to Him?

God manifested because Satan did not know of the Lamb of God slain from before the foundation of the Earth, 1 Peter 4.

He manifested before the Earth was formed so that He could buy back the people on the Earth, Romans 5:5-8 to show us his love and how much He cares about us. 1 John 3:1-3, 1 John 4:10.

Jesus did not make any demand on us when He went to the cross. He knew that if He be lifted up He would draw all men unto Him.

To his undoing, Satan bruised his own head by looking for the Cross that would be put on Calvary so that the world can see Jesus.

By doing this Jesus gained victory over Satan hence Jesus said, it is finished.

You cannot love people when the love of God is not in you.

God manifested to take away our sin, 1 John 3: 4-5.

God manifested to destroy the works of the Devil, 1 John 3:7-8.

He manifested to us so that we can manifest Him, John 14: 19-23.

How will the Saint of God Manifest God?

By desiring to use the power of choice to choose only Him, John 1:11-13, Hebrew 10:7.

By keeping His command and loving Him, John 14:21.

Through the Words received from Jesus. The Word must become flesh through us, John 17: 1-8.

By being the diffuser of the fragrance of His knowledge in every place preaching Christ’s Gospel, 2 Corinthians 2:12-16.

What kind of odor are you showing to the environment or are you manifesting? Are you manifesting godliness, holiness, simplicity, truth, integrity and love?

We are to manifest the fragrance of His knowledge so that the knowledge of God can fill the Earth.

The grace carried by men of God can electrify or electrocute.

If you are reading your bible, obeying the Word, not departing from the Truth, what is going to happen is just as He has manifested the Glory of the Father, you are going to manifest the Glory of the Son.

The purpose of our life is to glorify God and you do so by loving God, serving Him, by loving people and serving them.


Lord do in me what you did through Christ then I will manifest Christ everywhere I go. I will manifest and carry the fragrance of His knowledge everywhere.

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